Waterfall San Antonio, La Libertad
Volcanoe Ilamatepeque, Santa Ana
Hot spring waterfall-Salto de Malacatiupuan, Ahuachapan.

El Salvador is a beautiful country. And, the experience with our guide , Suri, immersed us in their culture! Book this surf trip and score good waves, great company & the best care. The best part, you don’t have to worry about planning a thing. Everything from airport transfer , accommodation, exploration & surfing is taken care of!

Lili Florida

“You ask for it, Suri makes it happen! You tell her what you want from food, waves, to shopping and it’s gonna happen! What better way to travel and surf then with a born and raised local who is very knowledgeable of the area,waves, and things to do. I went for my 30th birthday and it was hands down the greatest trip ever! felt safe during the trip as well. 10/10 will be coming back again and going through Suri"

Cat Florida

Suri is the best tour guide! She made sure our whole group was always having fun and she knew someone local wherever we went. She also knew the best surf spot to go to based on the forecast and her surf pictures are awesome.

Griffin Delaware

Suri has taken me surfing in El Salvador and I’ve had a great time with her. She’s taking me to the local spots on the best days and I feel very comfortable with her as she is a local and the locals let us have some waves. It is so helpful to have a local surfer take me around when I am unfamiliar with this spot tides wins people, etc. It really makes the experience a lot more enjoyable

Anika H Florida

A unique experience, the waves of El Salvador are the best!!!! The people are lovely and Suri supports the locals closely, no one else does. You can do a lot of things in one day, call Suri

Argelia L El Salvador