About Us

Who we are


Hijas del Mar was born at the beginning of 2018, created by Suri, as a non-profit initiative, that seeks to unify and empower women and girls who practice surfing and encourage those who want to be part of the surfing community on the coasts of El Salvador.

Hijas del Mar emerged as a platform through which knowledge and experiences of surfing are shared from a perspective of safety, sisterhood, equality, collaboration and teamwork.

El Salvador is a country that still has a high percentage of machismo, physical and mental abuse towards women. That is why this project is dedicated especially to girls living in vulnerable situations with limited resources.

What are we doing?

The activities
  • Surfers seeking to be or are part of the Salvadoran Surf Federation
  • Recreational or freestyle surfers
  • Surfskate in Puro Surf Academy who is one of our partnership in this project
Main Activities
  • Short workouts on a daily or periodic basis.
  • Small training bases that integrate both the practice of surfing and other disciplines (Yoga, physical preparation, surf sessions ).
  • Talks and technical analysis of the surfers either in collaboration with trained people, whether national or foreign.
  • Exclusive annual competition for women and girls in various categories.
  • We hope that by 11 dec 2021 we can resume the annual competition and be able to demonstrate and enjoy the love we have for surfing and continue learning from this sport that changes and saves lives
  • Have sponsorships for each of our girls to give them the opportunity to grown ins the surf industry as a profesional surfer or a free style surfer 



That the girls of the most vulnerable communities of the Salvadoran coast have access to surfing and unify them especially those of the members of the coastal communities, who already surf and empower those who want to be part of this sport and join to the Salvadoran female surfing community


Share our experience and knowledge in surfing with all girls and young people from the most vulnerable communities on the Salvadoran coast who wish to learn this sport.


To be the first group of female surfers to support women for other women, creating safe and reliable spaces where they can feel safe and happy.

How can you support this project

If you have any of the items below, new or used, Please contact to Us to make a donation
  • Surfboards (high performance between 5’6-6’5)
  • Plastic and carbon fins, Future and FCS brands (small and medium)
  • Leashes 
  • Traction Pads
  • Waxes (for tropical water)
  • Bikinis (for surfing, not for swimming pools)
  • Ponchos towels
  • Sun Block (waterproof) 
To support them in their studies since now the classes are through the internet
  1. Tablets, iPads, or mini computers
Why do we need such specific surf equipment?

Because the girls are already at a level of surfing in which if we provide them with equipment that is not adequate, we could interfere in their development and evolution of surfing. But all that material or surf equipment that is not suitable for the athlete members of Hijas del Mar and in the same way wants to donate and be destined for El Salvador, unquestionably it can be for other girls within the community so that they can be encouraged to surf.

Do you want to support Hijas del Mar project?

If you want to sponsor one of our girls, you can choose in this options

Use the PayPal link below to make a donation

Suft Trip

We tried to take the girls to surf every surf spot in El Salvador, to know the difference and type of waves to where we are exposed

Suft Girls Contest

Once a year we do a surf girls contest, just for fun, just because we want to be JUST GIRLS IN THE WATER

Suft Skate

We believe that skateboarding in the carver style improves our surfing, so do regulary skate sessions learning more and more 


Once a month we do an activities to fundraiser to accomplish all the activities that we schedule for hijas del mar, including surf trips and skate adventures and surf girls contest